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17th June 2021 
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Counselling and therapy in Muswell Hill

My name is Francesca Weinberg and I am a very experienced counsellor having had my own practice in Muswell Hill/Alexandra Palace/ North London for the past 24 years. I currently offer short term counselling (6/12/18 sessions) over the phone or on zoom. I work within a supportive, integrative framework combining psycho-dynamic psychotherapy with a focus on the mind-body connection, as I believe the body 'holds the clue' as to what is out of conscious awareness. By tuning into physical symptoms we can become conscious of how much emotional distress such as depression, trauma or anxiety is held in physical tension, which can be released through understanding it's meaning. Sometimes the 'thinking mind' isn't sufficient, so to aid this process I am trained in the energy therapy EFT, a simple but effective technique based on tapping on acupressure points and incorporate it as appropriate into sessions. EFT is extremely effective in helping the rapid release of buried negative emotion by connecting to its underlying cause. This releases blockages in the body's energy and removes the negative 'charge' around painful memories. From experience I've found that most clients feel very positive about the inclusion of EFT in their counselling sessions because it relieves emotional distress and overwhelm very quickly and leaves them feeling relaxed and sleepy.

In counselling people experience the paradox that confronting and allowing difficult feelings helps them become more self accepting and aware of their thoughts and actions. This in turn, reduces anxiety and creates space for new perspectives on difficulties so that negative patterns of behaviour need not be repeated. Counselling helps people improve their relationships with themselves and others and find greater peace of mind. There is a saying in therapy 'that which you resist, persists' and exploring those unconscious aspects of ourselves we'd rather avoid can be a strengthening and liberating experience. I see the counselling process as one of partnership in which we work together to explore and find the meaning of difficult emotions, to release you from emotional pain and use greater awareness to stop repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

I am committed to offering an ethical, safe and confidential service because I know that for counselling process to really work, my clients must feel able to establish a trusting relationship with me.

I'm aware of the courage it can take to approach a counsellor and the ambivalence and anxiety this can evoke. I believe there is in everyone an 'island of health' that seeks greater well-being and personal integration and it is this hopeful part which brings a person to seek therapy especially when a crisis occurs or you are feeling stuck in a repetitive cycle of self sabotage.

I am an experienced in helping with the following problems:

  • Stress, tension and its psychosomatic symptoms
  • Relationship difficulties and breakdown
  • Separation, Loss and sadness
  • Bereavement
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Low self esteem
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Infertility
  • Eating disorders
  • Work related issues - conflict at work, redundancy
  • Searching for your purpose and meaning in life.

    It's important that you feel at ease with your counsellor so I'm happy to have a short initial assessment on the phone to discuss your needs and see if I am the right therapist for you.